Illuminate 2019 Psychic Fair & More




** Vineyard Room **




Booth #101 & #102

Jennifer Innes
White Lioness Metaphysics

778 476 2929
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: 

Psychic​ ​Reader​ ​and​ ​Healer Metaphysical​ ​books​ ​(Magical​ ​books,​ ​meditation​ ​books,​ ​yoga books,​ ​Psychic​ ​ability​ ​books,​ ​Divinations​ ​books,​ ​Energy healing​ ​books,​ ​etc) 

A​ ​large​ ​variety​ ​of​ ​Tarot​ ​decks,​ ​Oracle​ ​decks​ ​and​ LeNormand decks



Booth # 103

Claudia Busch
Okanagan Ostrich Ranch

250 809 2558
[email protected]   

Service(s) / Products:  

15 minute - Rejuvenation session essential oils applied with stones to the spinal reflex via the feet
15 minutes - Glimpse all knowing wisdom as it relates to you via stones
20 minutes - Aura painting
Stone People Medicine Stones
Kombucha grab and go making kits
Kombucha bottled
Ostrich Oil for personal care and aid
Art by Crysti-Leta


Booth # 103

Mars Zhang
Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

778 754-6655

Service(s) / Products:

Chinese herbs
Herbal tea and coffee
Pulse readings and herbal remedies


Booth # 104

Marianne Harangozo
Akashic Ranch, The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin
250 573 1124

Service(s) / Products:

Marianne Harangozo will be offering intuitively created, personal healing Crystal Mojo Bags throughout the weekend, as well as psychic readings by intuitive Raven Forest.

Akashic Ranch, owned by spiritual visionary Marianna Harangozo,is a healing and wellness ranch located 30 minutes outside of downtown Kamloops, BC. It’s described as a spiritual, highly energized area of land which people acquire much healing from. Akashic Ranch hosts many spiritual, healing, and wellness workshops and events throughout our on-season between May and late October of each year, as well as our annual Stokefest Psychic Fair. Akashic Ranch is also home to The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin metaphysical crystal store, which carries gemstone crystals and minerals, art of all forms from local artisans and from around the world, as well as textiles, pottery, jewelry, and much more. We welcome you to come to Akashic Ranch and The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin to experience your quest for personal growth, enlightenment and fulfillment. FB- The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin at Akashic Ranch



Booth # 105

Janine Novakowski
One With Earth Crystal Healing
250 550 9505 or 306 361 0355
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: 

Gemstone intention energy bracelets and crystal wands, balls, points and skulls.



Booth # 106

Erin Amantea

250 575 7906

Service(s) / Products: 

Crystals, Candles, Books on Spirituality

Our greatest joy is helping you raise your vibration, so let us surround you with hand picked treasures.


Booth # 107

Patti Seidler

250 462 7443

Service(s) / Products: 

I will be offering Intuitive card readings.

Using Tarot cards, I will be communicating with your guides, providing life guidance and support.



Booth # 108

Miriam Cunha

250 808 9318
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products: 

Psychic, Mayan Oracle, and Tarot Readings with Miriam Cunha from Itzá Rainbow

Get to know yourself better and understand the paths you have chosen for your evolution, as well as how to change your reality and manifest the best of your potential.

Using her psychic abilities and other fun tools, Miriam will channel important and helpful information and will give you tools to help with your personal journey. She will show you different perspectives of your reality and guide you to make NEW choices to step into your power and manifest them.

Everything is connected, and different realities exist at the same time. Through the choices we make, we can help our multiple realities to TransVibrate™ into higher frequencies. It is all up to us to make it happen.

Some of the fun tools Miriam likes to use:

- The Mayan oracle (Tzolkin Sacred Calendar) for the understanding of who you are, what journey you chose to navigate in this life, and what are the lessons your spirit or consciousness chose to learn here.

- Psychic channeling information from the Matrix of things you need to know that will help you with your journey.

- Tarot cards guidance for specific questions at a personality level that requires immediate answers and understanding.

- Crystals, Colours, Sounds, Sacred Geometry – are all also fun tools that help with TransVibrating™ into a new self.

May the colors of the rainbow - the Visible Spectrum of Light - be with you!



Booth # 109

Valerie Cameron

Soul Expression
780 232 4377

Service(s) / Products:

Psychic/Medium Readings

As a Psychic (of the Soul) Intuitive: I am able to tap into your energy on a Past, Present or Future to help with what may be blocking you at this time in your life.

 (Spiritual) Medium I am able to connect with those that have crossed over, all readings vary differently as no two Spirits are the same.  I mostly feel (clairsentience) my information so its the ability to interpret that which I receive. There are times that I may hear (clairaudience) or see (clairvoyance) it all depends on what spirit wants to convey. I may get a feeling of their personality or any illness, they may even show me what work they did. 



Booth # 110

John Schlapbach
Visions Healing
250 868 5844     250 763 5670

Service(s) / Products:

Mind-Body Energy Medicine
The Body Code/Emotion Code
The emotional component to health and wellness.

I will be demonstrating and working on individuals using the Body Code/Emotion Code to get to the root underlying causes of people health and life issues. There will also be an emphasis on identifying and releasing “Heart Walls” an area I specialize in. I will also have some Emotion Code books for sale



Booth # 111

Liane Pinel
The Spirit Within
[email protected]
587 892 8811

Service(s) / Products:

Lea aka The Fae will be offering aura photography along side her crystal healings with Auralite23. A regular session is one hour for $160 however for this show she will be combining all the modalities for a "full meal deal " experience for $60. You will receive your aura photo to take with you and you will be emailed the full 22/23 page report to read all the information based on your aura colours. You will aslo get to meet and heal with "Max", her large auralite 23 crystal. The Fae has been teaching as a spiritual life and business coach for over 35 years and will give you a lot of information in a short 15 minute session so be paying attention:) See you there!



Booth # 112


Michelle Gill
Squirrelly Creations

250 574 3450

Service(s) / Products:

Using mother natures gifts such as wood, crystals and essential oils to create magical gifts. Crib boards, cedar essential oil holders,crystal grids & fairy houses. Crystal diffuser bracelets, mala's, goddess headbands and many other crystal creations.



Booth # 113 & #114



JoLynn Daisy Spenceley

Gathering of Natural Ways

928 200 0646


Service(s) / Products:

Medicine Ways , intuitive Healing and spiritual consultations.
Spirit Medicines and Sacred Tools



Booth # 114

Tanya Epp
 doTERRA Wellness Advocate


250) 572-7362
[email protected]


Service(s) / Products:

Essential oils, diffusers, supplements, personal care products.



Booth # 115

Cristin Platt

Sakura Spiritual Arts

250) 809-8648

Service(s) / Products:

Sakura Spiritual Arts privides a collection of hand crafted spiritual items and tools from drums to rumes to medicine bags and more. Each item is created to be used in day to day practice. We also have opportunities to learn how to create your own items. We are passionate about blending art and spirituality so it is accessible for all.





** Foyer **





Booth # 216

Bonita Summers
Spirit Kelowna Wellness

250 863 5505
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

Psychic tarot readings and chakra readings. By observing the chakras, I provide information about the aspects of your life that each chakra represents. I give practical tools for creating positive change in all areas of life. Get clarity about relationships, career, spiritual path and more. Be empowered.



Booth # 217

Elizabeth Beeds
Interior Wellness

i[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

At Interior Wellness our goal is to connect and inspire you to live your best, happiest and healthiest life.

We do this by providing you with tips and tools in: 
• Healthy eating and nutrition 
• Yoga and meditation 
• Spirituality and self exploration 
• Mindfulness and self awareness 
• Fitness and movement

We give you all this information and education in unique ways: 
• Print magazine distributed for free throughout British Columbia interior 
• Online version of the magazine distributed worldwide for free 
• Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and twitter 
• Email newsletter 
• Website platform bursting with info, resources, education and information 
• Online events and conferences 



Booth # 218

Erin Benoit

Erin Kimberly Benoit, Spiritual Medium

250 826 7359

Service(s) / Products:

Oracle card readings, mediumship readings, and Psychic Development Class Registration



Booth # 219

Paul Elder
Monroe Institute – Canada
Star Gate Seminars
250) 730-7701


Service(s) / Products:

Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync CDs & Books, Remote Viewing and Consciousness Exploration seminars.



Booth # 220

Danielle James

403 922 0137
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

Mini Card Sessions, intuitive readings/guidance and Akashic record readings.



Booth # 221

Joe Greenland
Fox Dreamer

250 801 9992

Service(s) / Products:

I am originally from Aklavik, Northwest Territories where I was raised by my grandfather who was known to me as a Medicine Man. My grandfather taught me how to stay connected to spirit, to ask questions and always be aware of and understand energy. I am guided by Spirit to help people who are looking for change in their lives. People who are wanting and willing to let go of old ways and making space for the new and for their future.

Illuminate 2019 Fox Dreamer will be offering personal energy clearing sessions 10 minutes for $30. These mini sessions will help you to connect with your soul energy, open you up to see clearer and remove energies that block you in your daily life. Our booth will also showcase hand carved soapstone animal totems.

FOX DREAMER Energy Centre is focused around Energetic Health and Awareness, offering Energy Clearings for Personal, Home (Real-Estate) and Business. Indigenous and Universal Teachings, Weekly Meditation / Energy focus groups and Soapstone Carving Workshops all offered on location in Penticton.



Booth # 222

Leah Sinclaire

403 324 9325
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

There are many aspects of your life that are influenced by numerology.  Your date of birth contains information about who you are and what you came here to do.  

Your name influences the magnetic field in a way that can enhance your birth chart, or limit it, depending on the numbers. The name you were given at birth has an automatic destiny that wants to express the quality of that destiny. If your goal is to be abundant in your life then an alignment to one of the abundance principle numbers is the key to accessing your personal abundance frequency.

Allow Leah to assist you in achieving your ultimate potential. 



Booth # 223

Kimberly Marooney
Angel Blessings
360 565 5171
831 419 3200
Service(s) / Products:
Mini Angel Readings to connect with your Angel Support Team to clear obstacles from your path.
Books, CD’s, DVD’s Angel Card sets, Rosary, Archangel Blessings mists, all created by Kimberly Marooney to deepen your experience with angels


Booth # 224


Susan Adams

1 800 464 7218






** Ballroom **





Booth # 325
Jo-Anne Lamb                               Merle Buchacher
Jo-Anne Lamb
Vital Energy Massage & Healing
Merle Buchacher
Healing Spirit Den

250 212 3644
[email protected]


Service(s) / Products: 

Merle and I will be sharing Reiki, massage and Chakra Cleansing to support revitalizing, rejuvenating and releasing of energies impacting the successful living of your best life



Booth # 326

Tara Bradley

Tea Leaf Readings -  Therapist

250 306 0110
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

 Psychic Tea Leaf Readings

Tara comes from a line of psychics. Her great grandmother was a tea leaf reader for many years in Dawson Creek, BC.

When Tara reads your tea leaves she also ‘reads your energy’ and the messages are exactly YOURS. The tea leaves are full of symbols that are received, interpreted, and translated through her energy, your energy, and Source energy. Tara’s clients are always amazed at the accuracy and relevancy of their readings, and how the messages get right to the heart of what they truly need. Those who receive a reading from Tara walk away with a strong sense of clarity, understanding, and personal empowerment.



Booth # 327

Natasha Rosewood

Come and be Illuminated!

Posted by Natasha Rosewood on Friday, January 11, 2019



778 558 2832

[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  

For this event, Natasha is offering amazing palm/psychic/card readings for $40.00 for 15 minutes in which she is able to guide you to your highest joy and future potential.  Enter to win one of her metaphysical books, Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too), Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures) and Mostly True GHOSTLY Stories which are also available to purchase at special prices.  Pre-booking your spot is advised!


Booth # 328

Maria O'Farrell Carr
OK In Health eMagazine & Sacred Tours

250 493 0106
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

Celtic Wisdom Keeper – Maria Carr & OK In Health eMagazine

Maria will be offering Celtic Wisdom Sessions. (Pre-booking is recommended to be guaranteed a session). Sign-up to receive your free monthly OK In Health eMagazine. The Okanagan’s largest and longest running wellness eMagazine. Also find out about our Sacred and Holiday Tours to Ireland with Maria.



Booth # 329

Marie Martin
Marie Martin Coaching
250 765 7659


Service(s) / Products:

Divine Purpose Plans for 2019! Know your purpose for the year ahead!



Booth # 329

Debora Powell
Devine Intuitive & Reader
250 864 1819

Service(s) / Products:

Debora is a Reader/Channeler who has Egyptian Guides that help you answer any issues or path choices that are happening in your life. She is also a Metaphysician who balances chakras & does body scans for disorders for improved health.



Booth # 330

Donna & Frank Fairhurst
Soul Full Solutions Inc

250 495 3940; 250 535 0746
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

Aura Imaging & Reading

Aura & Chakra energy Balancing & reading, Reiki Master/ Reiki Healing, Angel Readings, Oracle Reading, Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide & Angelic Channel, Life & Soul Coach, Vibration Healing / Sound Healing / NLP Affirmations & Meditations, EMT (Tapping for health & balance), Soul Typing & Path Guidance.

Note: Donna and Frank will be doing a three-part Illuminate Special focused on aura imaging & reading, combined with Psychic readings.

About Donna: Donna is a Psychic Medium, Empath, Angel Channel, Auric & Chakra Reader, Soul Coach & Reiki Master. Having travelled and studied spiritual modalities and healing practices around the world for forty plus years, she embodies the highest professionalism in all her disciplines. She is particularly attuned to energy healing combining Reiki, chakra and auric resonance, and psychic guidance.



Booth # 331

Olha Hnatyshyn

204 632 7696

Service(s) / Products:

Tarot readings and Russian readings

Are you looking for clarity in your life? Olha Hnatyshyn is a fourth generation psychic offering psychic readings in Winnipeg that can help you answer all your questions. Olha's readings cover finance, romance, employment, family life and health. Olha's psychic readings have helped people understand the meaning of past events, the relevance of the present, and have given them guidance to shape their future. 

At European Card Reading, you will be offered a variety of psychic services. Try tarot or russian reading to better understand your life and circumstances. Olha also does wax healing for people who are under a lot of stress or have undergone a shock in their life. Toll-free phone readings are a convenient option for busy individuals.

Practising her craft for over 45 years, Olha has gained substantial experience and insight into the life experiences of her clients. To learn more about Olha and her work, ask about her book Women’s Regrets, available now.

Live your best life with better understanding of your past, present, and future. Call to make your appointment today! 


Booth # 332

Chiharu Sato
Kiai Shiatsu

778 484 1844

Service(s) / Products:

Kiai Shiatsu is the only clinic that offers traditional style Shiatsu therapy in Kelowna. This technique, which is licensed in Japan, is very effective in relieving muscle tension as well as physical and mental discomfort. We also offer spinal adjustment cranial treatment and internal organ adjustment. The treatments greatly enhance your natural healing power and smooths out your energy flow. 



Booth # 333

Pat Bellamy
Bellamy Healing Arts

250 801 6559
[email protected]
Service(s) / Products:

Pat Bellamy is an initiated authentic shamanic practitioner who has been actively providing contemporary non-traditional shamanic healing to her community since 1999.


Choose a 30-minute session from below at Illuminate Special $55.

Shamanic intuitive reading & consultation (recording provided)
Clearing & extraction/somatic release/reconnection/grounding
Reconnect with Power Animal
Reconnect with a Spirit Guide

“Pat offers a synergistic healing approach to her community in a combination of: Shamanic Healing protocol; Energy Medicine; Energy Psychology; intuitive readings, energy field & chakra diagnostics, Drum Circle gatherings, Ceremony for Women, Shamanic Studies workshops, and ceremony within the Medicine Wheel.   Using time-proven methods to heal our modern world.”


Booth # 334

Mari Abraham

Zulu Shamanic Practitioner

250 499 0733
Shamanic embodiment training, healing sessions, traditional reading of the bones, land healing and much more. 




Booth # 335

Jaysone Tylor
Magical Readings

250 488 8154
[email protected]   

Service(s) / Products:

Bio-mat, Destiny Card Readings, Numerology, Voxx Socks



Booth # 336

Michelle Brink

BAD yogi

403 392 6507


Service(s) / Products:

Handmade Gemstone Trees, Framed Crystal Grids, Mala Beads and Bracelets,

and my new line of Yoga and Spiritually inspired Tank Tops 


Booth # 337

Colette Marie Stefan
The Truth Is Funny
Service(s) / Products:

The Truth Is Funny Book; Lifesparks Stories of Inspiration; Energy Correcting Cards from Tails From The Vector; Call To Dance Coloring Books

15 Minute sessions for $20.00



Booth # 338

Barbara Wellborn
Intuitive Healer
Soul Level Healing for Body/Mind Balance
250 486 5820

Service(s) / Products:

Chair Healing for Grounding and Chakra Clearing–30 min session
Aura Reading–A Colorful Look at Your Energy Field–30 min session 
Rose Reading-A Look at Your Life from a Spiritual Perspective-15 min
Life Reading-Valuable Lessons from the Past for Today-15 min
Barbara Wellborn has 20 years' experience as an energy healer and intuitive, helping people to let go of limiting beliefs and allowing them to step into the truth of who they are. Barbara's readings help her clients to understand where they are currently on their spiritual journey. By looking at the aura, clearing stuck energy, and examining past lives, Barbara can provide important information to help you forge a new path in an ever-changing world 



Booth # 339

Sivona Martin
Your Hands Know
250 215 8033
[email protected]
Service(s) / Products:

Hand Analysis readings, gemstone jewellery, decorative bags for oracle readings


Booth # 340

Kim Clapham
Colon Hydrotherapist
250 328 4386
Service(s) / Products: 
I am a certified colon hydrotherapist.



Booth # 341

Kim Wuirch
Employed By Angels

403 869 6056

Service(s) / Products: 

LifeForce Healing with Kim Wuirch~ 20min sessions 
Connect with your Guides with Ken Lewicki~ 20min sessions
Kim’s books Waking Up An Empath and Awakened Empath
Kim’s own brand of Energy Protection Oil~ various sizes 


Kim Wuirch is an Empath, Spiritual Healer, and Archangel communicator, who works with people of all ages, to assist with healing and spiritual growth.

After Kim’s first book launched, Waking Up An Empath, A Year in The Life of a Empath From Awakening to Spiritual Healer, the spiritual community began talking about Kim and seeking her out for spiritual healing and training. 

Kim has progressed from learning many existing spiritual modalities to forging her own path and methods of spiritual healing.  Kim has brought the world the Empath Symbol, Infinity Healing, and her Energy Protection Oil, as well as her second book; Awakened Empath, The Evolution Continues. 



Booth # 342 & # 343

Braden Karringten
Healing Tree Harmonics

250 503 7658
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

Superfoods for Longevity focusing on Raw Honey Herbal Blends fused with 9x Roasted Bamboo Salt, all Harmonized for high energy support.
Further support: I.AM. Wholistic offering testing of products for
compatibility through hair analysis and allergies.



Booth # 444

Hillory Hanson
Universal Embodiment

403 819 7502
[email protected]  

Service(s) / Products:

Magical multidimensional faery oracle readings and Faery Heart Elixirs made with bach flower remedies, magic and love! "Vibrational assistance for energetic challenges!"



Booth # 445

Mona Niebergall

Stepping Stones Homeopathy

250) 808-3104

[email protected]


Service(s) / Products:

Sharing my healing path of Classical Intuitive Homeopathy. I will reveal to you how Homeopathy uses your own immune system for healing. I use sacred vibrational energy (remedies) in Homeopathy to reach the deepest levels of pain or stress that cause dis-ease. I offer Helios First aid kits for families, animals or travel. I also use Austrailian Bush Flower Essences for assisting in any Emotional or Spiritual Conditions like grief, stress or emotional turmoil for extra support in difficult times.



Booth # 446

Jeanne Williams

Radiant Soul Wellness

250 215 2159
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:

 I am an Angel Healer, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. I Create and sell gemstones/crystal jewelry such as wire wrapped pendants, gemstones bracelets and earrings. I Love teaching people about Spirituality and Crystal Energy and I give information slips away with all my items! All of my items have Angelic energy infused within.



Booth # 447

Shanta Meeder

778 583-5080
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products(s):  

Traditional European Fortune Telling. Reading cards from Various European traditions for the past, present, and future.



Booth # 448

Evelyn Mulders
Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc.

250 766 2005
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  

Sound Essence Energy Medicine. Evelyn Mulders helping you keep your high vibes alive with Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies for your body, mind and soul! At booth #43 you’ll experience how the vibration of “sound in a bottle” accelerates the manifestation of your new desires, dreams and fabulous lives. It’s simple; the “sound in a bottle” creates a frequency match between you and your dreams. 

Sound Essence shifts the frequency in your meridians, chakras and the auric field band for full body, mind and soul rapture. Keep your High Vibes Alive! Experience it for yourself.



Booth # 449

Serge Mazerand
Keys to Serenity
250 877 2027

Service(s) / Products:

Book:  7 keys to Serenity and Cd's of healing music

I believe life is music, a melody we create everyday. I also believe that all of us are musical beings and that music and sound are our essence.

I feel passionate about self-empowerment, but also about healing human beings and the environment and made it my life mission to inspire audiences through music and words.

As a ‘keynote’ player, I tour and set the tone at conferences and workshops that focus on healing, self-help, health and wellness or spirituality. I perform interludes between speakers and also conduct specific healing and self-empowering programs such as ” Creating Harmony Within“, “Be the composer and conductor of your life symphony” and “Playing life by heart”



Booth # 450

Rosanna Ienco Barned

The Mystic Oracle
250 729 7971

Service(s) / Products:

Mystic Soul Readings
Shamanic Divination
Power Animal Readings
Angel Readings
Past Life Readings



Booth # 451

Helen Whittle
Ask Helen

604 802 4495
[email protected]

Service(s) / Products:  

Intuitive Readings and Mini Medical Intuitive Sessions & Clairvoyant Readings. Through years of intense training, Helen has honed her innate psychic ability to be able to tune in quickly to the energy of the client she is working with whether at a distance or in person. Her clients are shown how to integrate body, mind, and spirit and come to a better understanding of who they are and what it takes to live an authentic life.



Booth # 452

Gaby Knodel
250 979 8282
[email protected]


Service(s) / Products:  

Gaby Psychic Medium will be offering Soul Readings during the fair. Gaby's mini Soul Reading is a reading that is all about you and your soul with information to help, inspire and heal you in life. 



Booth # 453

Chrysta Huska

250 878 6050

Service(s) / Products:

Vibrational essences and combination sprays
Herbal elixirs 
Music of the plants
Intuitive readings which will include a personalized vibrational essence formula