Life Changing Messages from Spirit

By Michelle Morrison

There is something so transformational in the most positive way when I share a message from a deceased loved one to someone, either at an event or even in the grocery store. When you hear a message from a loved one or from one of your angels that hits home, there is nothing like it. Receiving confirmation that we are loved and surrounded by this incredible energy is nothing short of life changing.

I was in a long line up at a grocery store and so rather than just stare at my phone, I always invite Spirit to come and play and share any messages that are important for the people around me. I was immediately drawn by a shining light to a woman who was a few isles over from me. She was already going through her till but her mom was speaking to me, saying “please, tell my daughter, I am here, tell her I am ok.” I said silently to her mom, “help me with this, hold her up so that I can bump into her and tell her.” I got through my till and couldn’t see the lady any longer. I was walking outside and just as soon as I got out the doors, there she was, standing at the front as if waiting for someone. I went up to her and said, “excuse me, I am a Medium and your mom has been speaking to me and wants me to tell you how important it is for her to let you know she is with you and that she is ok, she is doing much better now.” The woman immediately had tears spring to her eyes. Out of her cart she pulled a book written by Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. She told me she had just bought the book and that her mom had just passed away a couple of months before and she so wanted to believe that she was in a good place and was hoping that the book would help her to believe that. Amazing! I gave her a hug and went on my way. Sometime later at one of my events, the same lady approached me and said that the message she received that day had changed her life. That by acknowledging and talking to her mom since our encounter had been the most healing thing in her life. It was beautiful.

At a recent event, I gave a message to a family who had lost a family member tragically. The family was beyond devastated from this passing as you can well imagine. The young man’s spirit came through to share how his grandfather, who was also deceased had made his transition so much more peaceful and loving and that from where he was, he was feeling so “lucky”. His family was in totally awe, because “lucky” was a word he used all the time, it was something he believed. He showed me other pictures of what he loved to do when he was living and how he has been around his family, including making a particular song play over and over. It was mind blowing for them and the tears they cried, were truly tears of joy.

At that same event, I was given a message from a deceased husband to his wife that he wanted her to know that he was working with her through the transitions in her life, helping her to move and to settle into a new home. She had just moved that weekend. To hear these messages and know that you are not alone, that your angels and loved ones are helping you can bring you the greatest comfort in your life here on earth.

There can be times where we feel so unsure, alone or like nobody understands. We can feel fear about taking new steps or doing something differently or fearful of situations going on in our lives or around us. To hear the messages from Spirit that they are with us and loving us is so powerful and uplifting, it truly raises your vibration. I have had clients who are concerned about hearing from their loved ones because they did not agree with them, or they had challenges or difficulties in their relationship with one another. When your loved ones have passed, they are lifted of their earthly worries, concerns and even a bad mood or difficult personality. What they will let me know is that they come forward and take responsibility for how they were here and many times even come forward with forgiveness or asking for forgiveness for their behavior. I have always found that energy to be so healing, so powerful and again life transforming.

Spirit has such a great sense of humor and loves to make us laugh. They will often show me funny pictures or say funny sayings for their family and friends. I just did a reading for a lovely couple this morning and one of the messages that came through was, “so how is Margaritaville?” The couple burst into laughter and said, since their brother had passed, they kept hearing this song and it was one if his favorites. It was a beautiful message to show that was one of his signs that he was around, that he is ok and that he is happy. They left saying they were planning to make margaritas that night!

What Spirit wants for each of us, is to know that we are loved, that we are surrounded in the most beautiful and powerful energy and they want us to have so much fun, to experience loads of joy and do what makes us happy. Their messages always come through as powerful as they encourage us to soar, to step into our authenticity and bring our own beautiful light forward.

I just love this work and I just love sharing it with you. If you are curious and wanting to witness the miracle of Spirit, of heaven, of eternity, come and join me for a powerful and magical evening that will have you lifted and loving your life. Join me for an “An Evening with Spirit” on November 9th in Kelowna at the Mary Irwin Theatre, we are going to have so much fun! You will see messages delivered with so much love and laughter and you might even receive a message for yourself! I can’t wait to see you there!

With loads of love and light,Michelle

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