The Most Important Messages from Heaven

By Michelle Morrison

Each day, as I work with different people and have the blessing of bringing forward messages to them from deceased loved ones, I see how excited they are to share.  When people pass, they become one with the secrets of the Universe. They are given the keys to Universal wisdom and can view everything from such a beautiful, high perspective and want to share that with each of us. No matter how they were on planet Earth, they just want so convey so much light and love to those of us who are still here. These spirits want us to have and feel success, joy, love, meaning and purpose and their messages help bring you closer and closer to the life of your dreams. Here are a few of the most empowering messages they love to share:

“I am still here!”  They want you to know that just because they are no longer in their physical body, life goes on, and they're here, still loving us and wanting to communicate.  Many spirits are almost giddy with excitement when they are able to share and communicate with loved ones.They want you to know they're doing just fine, no matter what has caused them to transition. They often show me what was happening in their body prior to their passing and then how they are feeling now. They want to bring you relief and reassurance that they are at peace and with you.

They want to share their wisdom from this higher perspective about how to live a life you love and how to get more of everything you desire in your own life.  They want to encourage you to move out of fear and rigid schedules to experience freedom, courage and have way more fun! I have yet to have a spirit come back and tell me that they wished they had spent more time working harder.  The messages are more like, "I wish I had stopped to watch the sun rise, to take in the shooting stars, to play more in my life".

They want you to worry and stress less about your life.  One of the most beautiful messages is about how the Universe has your back. When you can have a trusting relationship with the Universe, you release so many of your worries and stresses and enjoy your life even more.  I just love how they show us they are supporting us and cheering us on. Our job is to allow this energy to support us, not to turn it away by trying to control so much and do everything ourselves. We have help!

If you need some inspiration, clarity, confirmation or direction right now, Spirit wants to speak to you.  You were not meant to struggle and continually be challenged. You are meant to thrive!  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we have help. Humans are experiencing one of the most interesting energetic times in history. We are on the edge of a whole new way of existence and the Universe is propelling you forward.  As this happens, you will go through many changes and feel a calling from your heart that guides you into alignment with your true desires and purpose.  This can be challenging for many, but Spirit wants to help and support you to make this as easy as possible.

On November 9th, there will be many beautiful messages shared that will uplift and inspire you. Whether you receive a message or you just witness the messages being delivered, you will receive so much more than you can even imagine as Spirit speaks to the group as a whole. I am so excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to see you at “An Evening with Spirit” in Kelowna on Wednesday November 9th at the Mary Irwin Theatre from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm for an incredible evening of love, light, inspiration and laughter.

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