Free Speaker Series at Illuminate 2015

By Tommi Hanley

This year's Illuminate 2015 Psychic Fair & More is bringing back its extremely popular Speaker Series featuring a wide range of topics, from Tesla Metamorphosis to the Emotion Code, Quantum Numerology, face reading and the secret to successful manifestation.

For the cost of admission ($6 at the door for one day; $10 for both) visitors to Illuminate are welcome to attend any of the speaker presentations scheduled throughout Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1. The event takes place from 10 am to 6 pm each day at the Laurel Packinghouse in downtown Kelowna.

  • Nina Armitage, a Tesla Healer, will offer a three-part presentation, including a group healing session. Tesla Metamorphosis is based on the energetic discoveries of Nikola Tesla. Nina will explain what this highly effective natural healing technology is, why it's important and how it works.
  • Quantum Numerologist, Leah Sinclaire will speak on the Numerical Gateway and why numbers like 11:11, and triple digits are important and what they mean.
  • Natasha Rosewood, a psychic medium who has recently relocated to Kelowna from Vancouver will speak on the topic of Manifestation:  The Secret They Didn't Tell You.
  • LaRue Hayes, a spiritual counsellor and coach will be offering psychosomatic analysis which involves the truly fascinating and insightful process of face and hand reading.
  • John Schlapbach, a heath, wellness and energy medicine specialist will be sharing information on a healing modality called the Emotion Code, the teaching of which are published in a book of the same name. John will provide information on the process, the benefits and also perform heart wall and wellness evaluations.
  • Michael "The Ghost Guy" Rowland will talk about negative energies that can be attached to a person (or a place, like a home or business location) that do not serve them and how to remove them.

We have more than 30 exhibitors booked for this year's event - which means it is almost sold out with double the exhibitors from last year. Come out and gain insights into what the universe has in store for you in 2015 and beyond. Whether you are seeking clarity on a personal, work or health issue, or are just interested in knowing a little more about your true nature and the gifts you have to give to the world, Illuminate 2015 is the place to be January 31 - February 1, 2015. For more information visit the website at

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